Motivation is inside everyone. Now let’s find it together!

You are here for one reason… to feel better about yourself.

It’s time to make time for you!

I have created my personal training business to help you get fit and feel better about yourself by providing low impact, short and extremely effective training sessions that you can fit around your busy life, so that you can feel stronger and more toned either before or after a challenging day.

I work with busy women to motivate them to become strong and lose weight so they feel confident and self-assured regardless of age. Many of my clients are business owners, board members and public figures who have busy days but enjoy training in order to help not just their physical health, but also their mental health. They have high stress jobs and want to get stronger, feel more confident, get more toned and feel more educated out of the office.

My programmes focus on challenging you to make consistent and continual progress with regular feedback from me.

If this sounds like you please answer the questions below to see if we are a right fit for each other.

I am looking forward to speaking with you.


I wasn't enjoying the gym having been a member for a long time. Drew was well qualified, very experienced and knowledgeable. Drew is very good at suggesting modifications where necessary.
Daphne R
Thank you for a really good PT session online today, Drew. I highly recommend the 1-2-1 sessions that Drew offers, to anyone who wants to see results and improve their fitness. Drew is not only very knowledgeable in his field but also full of encouragement and enthusiasm. The online sessions, which are tailored to your level and needs, work very well and are an ideal solution to the current situation we find ourselves in. And they are an excellent addition to the generic sessions that Drew offers to us all every morning and afternoon. Good work, Drew, you are the best.
Liv W
Drew has been my trainer for the last 6 months and is an excellent PT. He gets results, while providing support and encouragement at all times and has really helped me to focus mentally, an area where I have previously struggled. He has helped me through a recurring injury and makes each session fun, varied and enjoyable. No two are the same! I am currently training for my first marathon, something I would never have attempted without him. Sign up people!
Sophie M
I can honestly say that this man has changed my life in so many ways.. He taught me to stop making excuses and get the job done! His high energy and enthusiasm for helping you achieve your goals shows just how much he cares about helping you succeed!
Samatha B
Training with Drew is extremely motivating. He manages to get me working hard whilst keeping things light hearted and we have a laugh. What more can you want when you're training?
Tamaryn P
It's so refreshing finding somebody to train with who takes the time to get to know the reasoning behind the goals and look beyond the results to the person.
Sandra D
I honestly never felt better and prepared physically and mentally, I can take on any exercise challenge.
Lily D
Before meeting Drew I was plateauing on my own workout routines for a good few weeks. I was fed up with everything that I’d tried before. Then my friend told me about Drew Gatherer PT. Since then I haven’t looked back. I have set many personal bests, which is really motivating. Drew will challenge you to get to the next level, is very encouraging and is personally very devoted to the progress of each individual.
Rachel I
Before working with Drew I was generally quite unfit and struggling to motivate myself to go down the gym. Drew is always extremely patient and encouraging. Drew has helped me to focus on my targets, whilst also being very motivating. Most of all, his scientific knowledge has meant that I have been gaining core strength by highly targeted routines. Each workout is tailored to my goals, meaning that in just six weeks there has been a noticeable change in terms of strength, weight loss and muscle definition. After working with Drew for a short while, I smashed my best 5 km time by over a minute! This was despite my main targets being more to do with physical strength, and due to both a gain in all-round fitness and he positive mindset that Drew inspires.
Sam M
I exercised regularly but didn't push myself and got bored in the gym. I'd seen Drew training others in the gym and his clients were getting results whilst enjoying working with him. Drew has always been very professional and provides support, focus and motivation. I can now push myself harder and by training differently, I have become stronger and have built up more endurance.
Surinder D
I knew I was a bit overweight and very much lacking flexibility. I was in a rut at the gym and then along camp lockdown. I wasn't sure about whether having a personal trainer would be too demanding and whether I could make the regular commitment. To my surprise I've really enjoyed it. Drew keeps things varied and always suggests an alternative if I struggle with the regular exercise. One of the best things that has come out of working with Drew is the discipline of regular, structured exercise rather than random routines in the gym
Graham R
My fitness level had plateaued and I needed something else to progress further. I didn't have any reservations about training with Drew, I was just pleased that he could help me to progress. It's been very positive and rewarding and I really enjoy my sessions with him. I'm more toned, I've lost weight and I'm feeling healthie.
Liv W
Before working with Drew I was overweight, feeling lost and mentally suffering due to the long furlough period. But since working with Drew, it has helped me to get my cardiovascular fitness back after having covid earlier in the year. I've really enjoyed the regular contact, exercises and stretches.
Keely S
Drew Gatherer - Personal Training for women in London

Drew's personal training pricing

I offer packages for one, three or six months with personalised online training sessions ranging in time from 30 to 60 minutes.

Thank you for applying to work with me. Please keep an eye out for an email within the next 24 hours from drew@myonlinepersonaltraining.co.uk

Thank you for applying to work with me. Please keep an eye out for an email within the next 24 hours from drew@myonlinepersonaltraining.co.uk

Thank you for applying to work with me. Please keep an eye out for an email within the next 24 hours from drew@myonlinepersonaltraining.co.uk

Thank you for getting in touch. I will endeavour to reply to your question within the next 24 hours.
Keep an eye out for emails from drew@myonlinepersonaltraining.co.uk