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Next-generation of personal training

Online training has become a very important way of personal training during the last few months.

Obviously the Coronavirus pandemic meant that people had to socially distance themselves from each other in order to prevent the disease from spreading but also it meant that, due to it being a very large event, people needed a long amount of time to get used to what was going on. They also needed their space. Not just physical, but mental and psychological space too.

Subsequently, online personal training came in.

Personal trainers were able to train their clients from anywhere in the world and they could still watch the technique, provide accountability, provide advice/support during the session, provide motivation during the session and advise the client what to do immediately after the session such as nutrition advice etc.

However, even though the gyms will come back, online training has a huge role to play moving forward. Here’s why:-

1) You can train anywhere in the world you want with your personal trainer. It doesn’t have to be in the gym. Flexibility is a big thing.

2) Online personal training is much more cost effective than 1 to 1 personal training.

3) This form of training allows us to have the most time together and will give me the most time to put together the best possible programme for you.

However, this programme can be delivered on most forms of social media privately, Zoom, Skype and others.

As a personal trainer of 8 years now, I understand that a lot of people feel that someone has to be there in order to monitor their progress or motivate them or help them etc. However, someone will still be there with all of the notes, all of the sessions, to take all of your measurements etc but I’ll have them on the other side of a phone, computer or laptop etc. I’m always by your side at any time you need me. Essentially it’ll also give you the space that you will need in order to make progress as well. This is important.

At the moment, the image that many people have of personal training is of a personal trainer shouting in their face like a military soldier in order to force them to get their results for them. It does not have to be this way!

An organised personal trainer will be able to have the composure to know that the results will come because they trust themselves because they’ve written a great training programme for their personal training client.

A great personal trainer will be relaxed and help their online personal training clients become more confident to get their results, every time.

The media has for a while been mentioning the term “new norm”. This new norm term is all about what society’s post Covid. A society of social distancing. One to one personal training would be very difficult to maintain with the 2 meter/6 foot distance. What wouldn’t be difficult to manage, and it’s been proven, is online personal training.

I’m not saying that things won’t evolve from online personal training (they might well do) but at the moment, online personal training is a highly technical and safe approach to achieving ones goals.

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