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Personal training v training by yourself

It’s early in the morning and you have to go to work but you didn’t train yesterday. So you really should do something today shouldn’t you? If you get up now you have the time to train and shower before getting to work. Oh well, just one more day not training won’t make that much difference will it. 

Let’s look at how your day could have started. Exactly the same in terms of waking up but your personal trainer had texted and maybe even called you to make sure that you were up. Your personal trainer would have had your training session all mapped out ready for you so that you didn’t even have to think about what to do. No Googling of exercises to help you think that you were making progress. 

You would have felt the desire (not need) to get up and get to your session. 

However, that’s not even the good bit. Having made progress physically during your personal training session, you would have felt a rush of achievement and sense of accomplishment. Now you’re set up for the day!

You feel that everything is achievable simply because you were successful in a highly specific personal training session that you turned up to earlier in that day. A personal training session that helped you to progress from the previous personal training session that you did a few days prior. 

Now you have a sense of purpose! A sense of purpose that helps you to realise what you are capable of. 

You see, when you train on your own there isn’t really any preparation in terms of planning or accountability. There isn’t any record of what you achieved. There certainly isn’t anyone in your corner cheering you on and giving you their support for when times get tough. And times will get tough! I don’t need to mention that. 

What should you eat? Do you know? Your personal trainer does. They will be able to let you know what to eat (or what not to eat) based on your goal. 

Do you feel that you do the same workout every time on your own? Well, sometimes with your personal trainer you will be doing similar sessions but there will be a purpose. The purpose will be to achieve a goal that you may have never though that you’d ever achieve. You thought that it just might have one day mystically happened. But your personal trainer knows that it’ll happen because their qualified to organise the sessions in order to help you get there. Your personal trainer is experienced enough (hopefully) to plan your sessions to do the same. 

Not every session should even be based on doing training. Some sessions will be in a room where all of your body stats are taken and your personal trainer discusses with you what the next stage is going to be. 

Some sessions you won’t like with your personal trainer. However, in a way they’re the sessions that make you stronger  and more likely to achieve your goals. 

Writing food diaries, being sent and told what you can and can’t eat are crucial if you are to achieve your goals. Would you achieve your goals if you didn’t have someone on at you telling you what you could and couldn’t eat. 

Yes, there’s a big difference between having a personal trainer and not having one. Some people say to themselves “I can do it on my own” and years later nothing has happened, whereas their friends have decided to invest and made huge progress. 

It’s your choice. Personal trainer or no personal trainer?!

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